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Community Access

Free Internet Access
& Computer Training  

In today's job market, computer skills are essential.
The BDC will help you develop professional skills for
today's technologically advanced working environments.
The Blue Ridge Business Development Center
Community Access Site offers FREE or nominally
priced computer training to the public.

Offering a variety of technology-based
programs, the BDC will:

  • Establish an environment that provides access to computers and computer-related technology.

  • Serve as an important resource for people of all ages,
    racial or ethnic backgrounds.

  • Familiarize our population with the potential of information and communications technologies.

  • Provide a valuable resource for building job skills and enhancing employment opportunities.

  • Offer a positive effect on educational goals and cultural experiences.

  • Foster a sense of community and personal effectiveness.

  • Discover more about the resources we offer, and learn how to participate in this new technology!

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