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Business Development

The Blue Ridge Business Development Center (BDC)
was established to revitalize and diversify the
local economic base.

The Blue Ridge Business Development Center is
located in beautiful Alleghany County. The county
has excellent educational, medical, governmental
and other services.

The BDC focuses on recruiting, creating and training
high quality, new and existing businesses, industry
and jobs throughout the community. In order to
facilitate reaching these goals, the BDC offers
tailor-made training, business counseling services,
incubation space and flexible physical space in the
form of offices, work stations, meeting facilities and
potential small building sites. All operational aspects
are focused on meeting the specific objectives and
needs of businesses and individuals within the BDC
and our community at large.

The goal of the BDC is to assist the business
community in meeting their goals through technology
in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Through
the provision of these resources and services,
the BDC staff and clients will be able to locally meet
the technology needs of a community that all too
frequently must look elsewhere for answers to
technology and telecommunication challenges.

Please contact us for more information, or see the
new home of the Blue Ridge BDC.

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